GameRefinery Joins The Vungle Family

I’m delighted to tell you that as of today, GameRefinery has been acquired by app growth and engagement specialist Vungle. We’ve done this because there are some tremendous strategic similarities between the unique insight we offer mobile game developers and publishers and Vungle’s expertise in helping these same customers grow and monetise their audience. 

As you’re likely aware, Apple’s current changes to IDFA present a massive challenge to the world of mobile game advertising and user acquisition, and our recently announced contextual advertising solution has been developed to overcome this very problem. Our partnership with Vungle and subsequent membership of the Post-IDFA Alliance means that we can use these innovative targeting capabilities to drive UA performance. This gives mobile game developers, and publishers access to a data-rich and highly integrated suite of tools to continually grow your user-base in this new privacy-focused landscape.

From your perspective, we’ll carry on exactly as we are as GameRefinery, but we’re now part of the Vungle family. You can expect our core service to continue developing and evolving to meet your ever-growing needs with even more insight into what makes a winning mobile game. Whether you’re a free or premium customer, all the things you know and love in our service will remain the same.   

With Vungle’s data, knowledge and resources behind us, we’ll be able to expand our offering and develop even better and more effective solutions to meet your ever-growing needs. We can also leverage Vungle’s global presence to have even closer contact with our customers in more countries, meaning better service than ever before. 

I appreciate you still may have some questions, which we have tried to address in this FAQ

We sincerely value your continued support and feedback, which has made all of this possible. 

Markus Råmark,

CEO, Gamerefinery


What does Vungle do? 

Vungle is one of the world’s biggest mobile advertising networks. The company specialises in helping game and app advertisers to reach, acquire, and retain high-value users worldwide. Vungle does this through in-app experiences that are driven by data, insight and great creativity. Vungle’s data-optimized ads run on over 1 billion unique devices to drive engagement and increase returns for publishers and advertisers ranging from indie studios to powerhouse brands, including Rovio, Pandora and Microsoft. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices worldwide in London, Beijing, Berlin, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York and now Helsinki.  

Why have you decided to be part of Vungle? 

There’s a LOT of things that make sense by joining forces with Vungle. One of the main benefits is to help Vungle’s network deliver much better-targeted advertising. As you may be aware, recent changes to Apple’s IDFA as part of iOS14 and an increase in privacy means that app users must opt-in to be tracked. If a user opts out, then it means that it is almost impossible to serve them contextually relevant advertising. Our recently announced Data Enrichment Solution has been developed to overcome this problem. Because we track 600+ data points per app, with 160k+ apps analysed today, we know a huge amount about each game. This data-led insight will give Vungle’s customers the ability to serve highly relevant advertising to their prospects. This capability will now be part of the Vungle advertising network, meaning that you can now grow your userbase using our unique and detailed insights. This overcomes many of the problems that IDFA removal is presenting. Ultimately, Vungle can now provide a full-service platform for monetisation, user acquisition and market insights. Our data brings deep contextual data sets that provide new and innovative targeting capabilities to Vungle’s platform, driving UA performance in a privacy-focused landscape.

What are the main advantages for GameRefinery in this acquisition? 

There’s a lot of upsides to this deal. Firstly, we now have the power of Vungle behind us. This means more resources that can go into making our platform bigger and better. Also, because Vungle has an international presence in several countries, we can be closer to our customers and service them better. Finally, because Vungle has a load of expertise in helping game developers grow and monetise their user base, we can start to share more insight with you on the best ways to do this.

Will I see any changes to the GameRefinery service? 

The GameRefinery service will continue to operate in precisely the same way as before. You can expect an ongoing roadmap of new features and improvements, and with Vungle behind us, you can expect even bigger and better things than before!

Will there be changes to the pricing or the FREE tier? 

No. Pricing will remain the same for the time being (but is always subject to review). There are no immediate changes to the FREE tier and want to ensure that now and in the future it provides a compelling offering.

Will my login change – will I have to have a Vungle account? 

No. Your login will remain precisely the same for the foreseeable future. If anything is likely to change then, we will always give plenty of notice.

What will happen to the GameRefinery name and branding?

The GameRefinery name and brand will continue, but we will be making small adjustments to let people know that we’re now part of the Vungle family.

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