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How Accelerate’s ML Models Uniquely Capture GameRefinery Data to Improve Campaign Performance

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Episode 48: Pikachu, I Snooze You! Mastering the Dream World With Pokémon Sleep

Market Research

Is the Mobile Shooter Market Saturated? Top Tips on How to Innovate in a Crowded Genre


Episode 47: Breaking boundaries – How women can reshape the games industry with Zynga

Market Research

Analyst Bulletin: Mobile Game Market Review July 2023

Case Study

Lars Schmeller, Game Lead at Lotum, shares how GameRefinery has transformed their decision-making process

Design & Features

How to Build Better Mechanics for Rewarded In-Game Ads

Analyst Bulletin June 2023
Market Research

Analyst Bulletin: Mobile Game Market Review June 2023


2023 Midcore Gaming Apps Report

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