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Find, know, and engage your audience with demographics data on genres, games, and features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer plans for teams and organizations. Our plans are highly customizable to fit your particular needs.
What GameRefinery does differently is that we look at the mobile games market AND the data behind it to truly offer insights on why and how the mobile games market is evolving.  By looking deeper than other data providers we can provide you with the data you need to build better more successful games.

GameRefinery’s data can be accessed through either the SaaS platform or via API.

We do not rate mobile games. All analyses are objective to ensure consistent and reliable data.  Our automated analyses are based on visual recognition and natural language processing using machine learning. Further details are proprietary. For feature deconstructions, our analysts use an objective feature framework to analyze more than 200 features per game.
Our database of automated data points for genres, updates, revenue & downloads, defining features, player motivations & demographics, and visuals cover over 100 000 mobile games, and we provide premium feature level deconstructions and analyses for nearly 2500 of the top mobile games on the market.