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Discover market opportunities

Research 50+ genres to know how genres are trending over time to see what’s hot and what’s not.

  • Free access to Revenue & Download performance for 100,000+ games in 33 markets

Slice and dice the mobile games market by genres and features

Study the market in feature level detail. Go deeper than just performance metrics to see the genres and features driving revenue, from live events and premium currencies to 260+ more features.

Games & Features

Deconstruct your competition

Conduct a feature deep dive into your competition their feature sets, update roadmaps, implementations and more with our deconstructions.

Plan your development

Use our tools to roadmap and benchmark your feature development, so you focus on the right features that will help meet your goals and boost revenue.

"GameRefinery not only saves me a lot of time but I can be confident that we have a comprehensive understanding of each game's roadmap in the market."
Corey Klein, Studio Strategy Manager at FoxNext
Case Studies

Player demographics

Build the right game for your players

Find, know, and engage your audience with demographics data on genres, games, and features.

Player Motivations

Know what interests your players

Develop features and content you know your players will find engaging with player persona insights.

How game developers, publishers and marketers benefit

use our tools to..
  • Boost ROI by roadmapping their games and focusing on the right features.
  • Save time and find inspiration for their designs by comparing existing implementations
  • Stay competitive with up to date intelligence on market feature trends and their competitors
  • Reduce costs of production and boost revenue by focusing on the right features
  • Keep the game’s feature set competitive throughout the game’s lifecycle and improve KPIs
  • Stay up to date on market feature trends and their competitors
  • Pinpoint the right messaging for their audience
  • Plan marketing activities based on competitor roadmaps and market data
  • Find inspiration and guidance for the visual direction of their game.

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