Top War: Battle Game deconstruction header image
Design & Features

Top War: Battle Game – a Quick Glimpse on the 4X Strategy Hit

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier header
Design & Features

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Closed Beta – First Impressions From a Game Analyst’s Perspective

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Umamusume Pretty Derby Deconstruction header
Design & Features

Umamusume Pretty Derby Deconstruction

The Walking Dead: Survivors header
Design & Features

The Walking Dead: Survivors – A Player Perspective on Monetization

Clash Quest Deconstruction header
Design & Features

Clash Quest Deconstruction

Time Princess: Dress Up header
Design & Features

Why Time Princess: Dress Up’s Innovative Approach to Customization Games Works

League of Legends: Wild Rift
Design & Features

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Soft Launch Deconstruction & Competitor Analysis

Design & Features

Octopath Traveler – Champions of the Continent, another mobile game that could be a console game

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