The Walking Dead: Survivors – A Player Perspective on Monetization

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The Walking Dead: Survivors is a fairly new 4x Strategy game that, at first glance, resembles a lot of KingsGroup Holdings’ State of Survival mobile game. Given State of Survival and The Walking Dead’s recent collaboration, I thought it would be an interesting idea to give a quick look into this newcomer.

The Walking Dead: Survivors and State of Survival’s FTUE (first-time user experience) is very much alike, starting with cut-scenes and then introducing the core features with dialogue and in The Walking Dead’s case, of course, The Walking Dead “crew.”

The Walking Dead: Survivors FTUE

As you can see from the picture, the world map is pretty much similar to the State of Survival’s, and the actions performed there are alike: no synchronous PVP/PVE on this one yet.

Now, the campaign part also has that tower defence element in there, much like State of Survival does, but The Walking Dead’s version does have a bit different kind of execution. The good thing for the player here is that they can get nice stuff from the campaign store, and of course, the more you proceed, the more you get.

The Walking Dead: Survivors chapters


I won’t be covering all the IAPs, only highlight a few of them. From a player’s perspective, interesting ones are the Daily Deal section as it offers Abraham fragments, the Battle Pass plan as it also helps with ads (more on this later), and a Subscription plan for Premium Currency.

The subscription plan and the Daily Deal are something I would especially highlight here because in The Walking Dead: Survivors, characters are really important, and players need to have Premium Currency for Gachas or tickets, which they can get from the “Discount gift box, Luxury Giftbox” etc.

I also have to mention that Michonne is clearly the character you’d like to go for with a couple of IAP purchases. It becomes clear first through the IAP purchase recommendations and then through the VIP system.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Michonne character


One thing to point out is that The Walking Dead: Survivors has ads on the daily rewards. The way they work is that you can double your rewards by watching an advertisement PER chest. This means that the player will potentially watch quite many ads in the beginning as the rewards actually feel like rewards at that point. The design is pretty interesting as Claim x2 (ad) is something that you would automatically click, whereas Claim (no ad) does NOT look like something that you would even think to click. You may also notice that the Battle Pass plan offers value as it also gives players the x2 rewards without the ads.

TWD: Survivors Daily Rewards


The game utilizes shard-based character summoning and character’s star-level upgrading, like Rise of Kingdom does. The way the summoning works is that you basically use tickets to get a one-time summons, which you can get from IAPs. But if you run out, you need to buy them with Premium Currency, and here’s where the Bulk Gacha discounts come in.

TWD: Survivors character leveling

The Walking Dead: Survivors – conclusion

Now, this was just a quick “introduction” to The Walking Dead: Survivors, but if you’re interested in finding more these kinds of new interesting games, I have a tip for you. Our Market Explorer is an excellent tool for exploring what interesting games might be “lurking” near the top-grossing list. For example, here’s how I initially found this game. It was literally in the top right corner, and now after around two weeks, the Walking Dead: Survivors is already climbing in the US top-grossing 200.

The Walking Dead: Survivors in GameRefinery's Market Explorer

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