New automated feature tags – Insights for +100k games

GameRefinery will expand its core service of analyzing features to more than 100k games!

“I, for one, will welcome our new robot overlords.” 

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Features have always been GameRefinery’s fundamental cornerstone. In total, we manually analyze and track 260 features from core/meta all the way to individual ad features. We have more than 2.5k unique, high-quality overview pages across our genre taxonomy & markets we track to this date.

To keep up with the quality of feature-level breakdowns we offer, we have always relied on our dedicated and experienced analyst team members. We are now expanding to provide new automated features & visual tags to supplement our analysts’ detailed deconstructions!

Our data science team has been busy training machine learning algorithms to spot clues based on an app store page’s metadata to extract feature and visual indicators. After months of “wax on, wax off” training, we can now automatically identify 51 features and 45 visual styles. 

New automated feature & visual tags help our users to peek into the games we might not have yet fully analyzed, such as recently launched games! Let’s look into Clash of Empire: Global War as an example:

Automated feature tags in GameRefinery's service

Q & A

Will this replace your human analysts?

NO. The feature-level deconstruction and Analyst’s Overviews that our analyst team offers are the heart and soul of GameRefinery.

We wanted to increase the number of games we cover in GameRefinery with these feature and visual tags. 

What are the requirements for a game to have automatic tags?

For it to be listed in the App store, have an APP ID, and have screenshots/descriptions for our algorithm to determine its features.

Currently, we cover key English speaking markets, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. But plan to expand tagging to other markets soon.

How many games do you now cover?

Previously we had around 2.5k deconstructions offered by our analyst team. With the introduction of feature and visual tags, this number has expanded to more than 100k games. 

What happens to feature and visual style tags if the game gets a proper analysis?

If the game gets fully analyzed by our analyst team, the automatic tags will immediately be replaced with the analysis results.

How much?

It’s free to all existing clients! As said, features have always been part of GameRefinery’s core service!

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