New Features & May Weight Update

We’ve rolled our monthly update for POWERSCORE® calculations to adjust them to match the current market situation. Moreover, we added five new game features to the service.


Expandable character/item inventory

Indicates that the size of players’ character and/or item inventories are limited (e.g. hold only 20 different characters) and their size can be expanded with in-game currency or real money (e.g. extra character slots can be purchased with 10 diamonds).

In A-Team’s Unison League, players can expand their limited equipment inventory with premium currency purchases

Capped party/equipment value

Applies if the game restricts the size/power of the player’s party or equipment items the player can use. This restricting is done by assigning values (“costs” ) to characters or equipment items based on their rarities and designated power levels. Usually this cap rises little by little as the player advances levels.

In One Piece Treasure Cruise, characters have different costs based on how powerful they are (i.e. how rare) and a cost-cap restricts the total cost of player’s party. This cost-cap rises each time players advance levels, allowing a more powerful party.

Dual premium currency

Covers games that have two types of of premium currency – primary and “bound”. The bound version’s scope is restricted so the player cannot make purchases as freely as with the primary premium currency. Moreover, bound currency can be acquired through gameplay progression, whereas the primary premium currency has to be purchased with real money. Bound premium currency is often distinguished from premium currency with a lock symbol on the icon.

传奇世界 has different stores for premium currency and bound premium currency purchases. The selection and quality of items in the bound premium currency shop is considerably worse than in the premium currency store.

Spectator mode

Indicates that the game has a special mode (or modes) for watching other players play the game. Spectating can happen either live or on demand.

Clash Royale allows players to watch other players’ matches in a special spectating mode.

Game-related quizzes

Means that from time to time, there are special quizzes with questions relating to the game, its mechanics, lore etc. taking place in the game. Players can participate in these quizzes to win various rewards/benefits.

In many Chinese action-RPG games, there are special game-related quizzes taking place every day and by answering correctly to questions, players can win in-game currency. In some cases, there’s also a possibility to ask help from team members or other players.

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