C.A.T.S.:Crash Arena – Features Behind Its Success

C.A.T.S.:Crash Arena, a fresh midcore F2P game from ZeptoLab was globally launched in the end of this April and it quickly found its way to the top 50 grossing lists of several countries, including the U.S.

Pocket Gamer’s IAP Inspector covered the game’s monetization structure in a recent post and highlighted the strong points of C.A.T.S.’s game design in several areas. These included for example:

  • Very quick, AI-controlled matches
  • Betting on the outcome of other players’ battles
  • Timed chest system similar to Clash Royale (+ monetization of that system)
  • Diverse and “complex enough” vehicle development meta game

Our feature level data analysis of C.A.T.S. is very much in line with the IAP Inspector’s points as the game’s revenue potential is greatly boosted by the mechanics mentioned above. Especially the meta game focus of collecting, fusing and developing vehicle parts combined with fast-paced core game and ongoing competitive elements make up for a successful game blueprint.

Now that C.A.T.S. is off to a great start, it’s interesting to see how things turn out in the long run. One key feature in sustaining high top grossing positions (even after the download surge of Appstore featuring fades out) is the ability to continuously bring fresh new things to the table. For example, Clash Royale (a game that shares many similarities with C.A.T.S.) has introduced several major features during its first year – and the results are there for everyone to see.

With its current global version C.A.T.S. packs quite a solid punch already, but our data pinpoints a couple of new features that would help to boost its revenue potential even further. It remains to be seen what ZeptoLab has in store for C.A.T.S. in the upcoming updates and if the game’s excellent performance continues!

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