New Features & Weight Update

During this month, we’ve added several new Defining Mechanic -features to our model, as well as rolled out a weight update for the POWERSCORE® calculations. Here’s what’s changed:


1. Defining Mechanic – Battle Royale

Includes games with so-called “battle-royale” mechanics implemented in at least some playing modes. Battle Royale -games are usually FPS/Shooting/Fighting games with special survival and last man-standing elements, as players try to avoid being trapped outside a shrinking safe area.

Rules of Survival is an FPS/TPS-game with battle royale -mechanics. In each match, players are dropped on an island where their goal is to be the last man standing by eliminating all other opponents all while avoiding being left outside a shrinking safe area. 2. Defining Mechanic

2. Defining mechanic – Auto Battle RPG

Includes RPG-games with a so-called auto-battle core game. These games can be typically defined by following characteristics:

  • Players have a no control over their characters’ actions/movement and often the only way for players to influence the core gameplay is by activating characters’ skills.
  • Even though battles can be displayed by each side taking turns, there are no pauses during the gameplay for players to plan on which enemy to attack and what action to take next.

Heroes Charge is an Auto-Battle RPG archetype, as players’ teams attack automatically and the only thing players control is the use of skills.

3. Defining Mechanic – Turn-Based RPG

Covers RPG-games where characters’ actions in the core game are made in turns (e.g. each character has his/her turn to strike, cast spells etc.) and players have control over their characters’ actions and attack targets. This separates these RPG games from e.g. Action RPGs and Auto-Battle RPGs.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a classical turn-based RPG where players can take their time planning their characters’ actions and targets.

Other Changes: Endless Runner becomes its own defining mechanic feature!

Endless runner -games now have their own defining mechanic! This change was made because we wanted to separate endless runners from other platformer games for even more detailed insights on this special game type. For example, you can now study endless runner games & data with the Market Explorer – just create a segment with “Defining Mechanic – Endless Runner” as a data filter!

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