New Brand/IP Features & Monthly Weight Update!

We’ve just introduced new brand/IP features to our model and rolled out the monthly update for POWERSCORE® calculations. By adding several new “Brand type” -features, we’re able to extract the power of various brand/IP effects even more accurately than before.


Brand Types

We’ve added eight distinctive Brand type -features to describe the type of brand/IP the game is based on. These are:

  • Brand type – Game (PC/Console/Arcade)
  • Brand type – Game (Mobile)
  • Brand type – TV/Movie
  • Brand type – Celebrity
  • Brand type – Comic/Novel
  • Brand type – Anime/Manga
  • Brand type – Sports
  • Brand type – Consumer products/Toys/Other

It’s worth noting that in some rare cases a game “ticks boxes” in several of these brand type features. This might happen, for example, if a game is based on a TV-series, which in turn is based on a novel. In this case it’s fair to say that the game is also based on the novel.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land uses The Walking Dead TV -series IP, which is based on The Walking Dead comics by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. Therefore the game falls under both “Brand type – TV/Movie” and “Brand type – Comic/Novel”.


IP/Brand Effect – New Algorithm and “Extremely High” -class

As an addition to the “Brand type” -features, we’ve also tweaked our brand effect measuring algorithms and added a new class to the high end of our main brand feature’s, “IP/brand effect”, spectrum. From now on, a game might be classified as having an “Extremely High” IP/brand effect.

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