Episode 37: Evolution of Monetization: Discussing What’s Changed in How Games Make Money

Mobile GameDev Playbook podcast by GameRefinery

In this episode of the Mobile GameDev Playbook, we look at how monetization features have evolved from 2020 till now. Joining us from GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company, are Chief Game Analysts Erno Kiiski and Wilhelm Voutilainen.

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We explore innovation in battle passes, IAP mechanics, external web stores, and what monetization may look like in the future for mobile games like Cookie Run: KingdomCall of Duty Mobile, and Royal Match.

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Topics we will cover in this episode:

  1. Introduction
  2. What has happened in the field of monetization in the last two years?
  3. Evolution of monetization features
  4. Meta monetization is coming to casual
  5. Many games in the past year have added ad monetization in their monetization mix
  6. Scaling new games is harder than ever
  7. Using in-game events to boost your monetization
  8. Latest trend within Battle Passes
  9. Game economics are getting more and more complex
  10. Mobile game gachas
  11. How bundle offers have evolved
  12. Which new trends will become more relevant as time goes on

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