Episode 26: Raid: Shadow Legends – Creating a Mobile Powerhouse With Plarium

Mobile GameDev Playbook podcast by GameRefinery

In this episode of the Mobile Gamedev Playbook, host Jon Jordan and GameRefinery by Vungle analyst Erno Kiiski and Game Growth Dev Altti Fromholdt join Vice President of Creative at Plarium, Nick Day. Together they give an inside look into the development process behind Raid: Shadow Legends and how it became one of the best known mobile games in the world and enjoyed by millions of players.

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Nick spills the tea on influencer marketing tactics, retention strategies, and the art direction behind Raid: Shadow Legends. GameRefinery’s Erno and Altti discuss the market as a whole, meta elements in mobile games, and their own experience with Raid.

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Topics we will cover in this episode:

  1. Meta trends from midcore to casual games
  2. Collection meta trend
  3. Plarium
  4. Learning from previous projects
  5. Raid: Shadow Legends
  6. Finding your niche market
  7. How to balance an ever-increasing number of characters
  8. Keeping new and older players satisfied with the game
  9. Future of liveops
  10. Plarium Play
  11. Influencer marketing
  12. Mech Arena and its concept process
  13. Identifying game-market fit

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