Episode 22: Why Diverse Teams Make Better Mobile Games With HiDef

Mobile GameDev Playbook podcast by GameRefinery

In this episode of The Mobile Gamedev Playbook, we’re looking at diversity in the mobile games industry and how having a culturally and ethnically diverse team helps build better mobile games.

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Co-founder and Head of Analytics at GameRefinery, Joel Julkunen, shares his expertise on player motivations and expanding your player base by adding features that cater to wider audiences. He is joined by the HiDef team, Anthony Castoro, Jen Donahoe, and basketball legend Rick Fox. Together they discuss their individual experiences of being a minority in the games industry and how diversity and representation are central to HiDef’s corporate DNA.

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Topics we will cover in this episode:

  1. Diversity in mobile games
  2. HiDef
  3. Recruiting a diverse team
  4. Rick Fox
  5. How to take diversity into account when designing games
  6. The advantage of a diverse team
  7. Why diversity of perspective and experience is important when it comes to new technologies
  8. What the industry will look like in 10 years

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