New Features & Weight Update

In this update to our feature model, we added new emerging features and split several features to increase granularity and better reflect the nuances of co-operative gameplay. This is accompanied by a weight update for POWERSCORE® calculations. Here’s what’s changed:

Co-operational tasks & efforts – Non-competitive split!

Co-operational tasks & efforts – Non-competitive was split into three features to provide more granularity and distinguish between tasks, resource development, and PVE encounters:

Non-competitive co-op – Tasks

Games with the feature contain non-competitive tasks/quests/milestones to be completed together with friends, guildmates or random players (i.e., through co-operational playing).

In Battle Bay, you work together with your Guild to complete different quests. Quest progress is shared between all the Guild members, so co-operation is required.

Non-competitive co-op – Development efforts

Non-competitive co-op – Development efforts is a feature found in games that contain long-term development/research efforts to be undertaken/completed together with friends, guildmates or random players. Completion of said efforts often requires donations or some other kind of engagement/sacrifice from individual team/guild members.

In Angry Birds Evolution, clan members can donate in-game currency to the clan to raise the clan’s level.

Non-competitive co-op – PvE

Games with the feature have some type of special co-operational playing mode/modes, where friends, guildmates or random acquaintances play together against an AI-controlled enemy (PvE).

In バンドリ!ガールズバンドパーティ! players can complete songs together in a multiplayer mode, which has the same core game mechanics as the single player mode, just with extra players.

Co-operational tasks & efforts – Competitive split!

Co-operational tasks & efforts – Competitive was split into two features to differentiate between guild and non-guild related competitive tasks:

Competitive co-op – Guild wars/competitions

In games with the feature there are some guild related competitive tasks, stages, efforts, etc. to be completed/played together with friends or random players. The important thing is that you are working towards a common goal (usually trying to beat teams of other players).

Legacy of Discord has a recurring event called guild clash, in which guilds are pitted against each other.

Competitive co-op – Other

Games where there are some non-guild related competitive tasks, battles, efforts, etc. to complete/play together with friends or random players. The important thing is that you are working towards a common goal (usually trying to beat teams of other players).

In War Robots you battle alongside other random players.

New Features

New Features have also been added to reflect emerging trends:

Battle Pass plan

We’ve added a “Battle Pass” plan feature for games with this type of IAP option. By purchasing the plan, players get extra benefits (like premium currency or decoration items) once they reach certain player level thresholds.

In Fortnite players can buy a “Premium pass” which opens progression rewards for the season.

Online time rewards

We’ve added an “online time rewards” feature for games that have incentives for players to increase their consecutive online time. Commonly, players can collect rewards after certain time thresholds (e.g., 5 min, 20 min, 1 hour) have been passed.

龙战 keeps track of player’s accumulated online time and hands out rewards accordingly once certain thresholds (2 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc.) have been passed.

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