New game features & weight update

We’ve rolled our monthly update for POWERSCORE® calculations to adjust them to match the current market situation. Moreover, we added five new game features to the service.


Multiple energy types

Means games that have more than one type of energy/credits (food, gas, soft currency etc.) required to enter a level/mission or engage in other game activity.

Some examples of energy-types:

  • Energy required to play the main gameplay mode
  • Energy required to play PvP-mode
  • Energy required to play some limited time event -related modes

Story Campaign (blue) and PvP-arena (red) energies in DC Comics Legends

Randomness in success of upgrading/creating characters/items

Games where characters or items can be upgraded/improved but there’s a random element in the success of this procedure, meaning the results can vary. For example, when a player upgrades his/her character the upgrading process might fail altogether or be “super successful”.

There is a chance of failure when crafting in Blood Brothers 2

Offline autoplay

Games that have an “offline autoplay”, meaning the AI plays the game for you (e.g. fights monsters, takes your character from point A to B) when the application is closed.

Offline Battle Report in Chaos Legends

Multiple gacha mechanic types

Games that have or occasionally feature gachas with different mechanics than the basic one, where the player just spins a gacha with a set currency.

Some examples of different mechanics:

  1. Box gacha (a player draws a random item from a set, which is then removed from the full pool)
  2. Stepup gacha (the odds of receiving rare prizes is increased the more times a gacha is spun)
  3. Sugoroku gacha (a player throws a die and passes through certain points on a board, receiving all the items they passed by)
  4. Charge point gacha (As the player gathers points, their point level rises and the prize pool of the gacha becomes better)

Stepup gacha in Bleach – Brave Souls

Theme – Pirate

Games where pirates play a big role in terms of the game’s setting and theme

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