Tips & Tricks – Walking through GameRefinery’s core functions for production

All our users have heard this word at least once during the onboarding calls we’ve had: Modules. Modules are the next step in the educational materials we offer for our users after essential onboarding where we go straight to the meat with GameRefinery features. Our education modules were the inspiration and source for writing the numerous tips & tricks articles we’ve published until now.

Instead of writing an article, I decided to film the first module for everyone who works in the production team so that you can see and learn the core functions of GameRefinery, and find ways to supercharge the effectiveness of your GameRefinery platform usage saving your time. 

The functions we’ll go through in the Production module are helpful in all stages of development from concepting to liveops. During the 30 minute long video, we’ll focus on how you can use GameRefinery to:

 1. Milestone products

 2. Build a MoSCoW list for new projects – Must Have, Should have, would have features

 3. Prioritize your backlog based on data on the most impactful features and updates

 …And much more. In this post, you’ll find a breakdown of the features we go through in our Production education module.

 Prepare your popcorns & enjoy!

Market Explorer – Finding feature popularity

Market Explorer is a treasure trove of market data on specific features. Production can utilize this data to form a MoSCoW-list of an upcoming game, understand top-grossing games’ unique feature sets, and help see which features would, for example, fit into their liveops game. Market Explorers segment creation sets no boundaries on how you can drill down into feature level data.

Slicing & Dicing Top 100 Grossing Games’ Must Have Features

Compare Games – Finding key differences between games

There is always that question in everyone’s mind “What makes this top-grossing game tick?.” Using Compare games, we can not only see the feature level differences from meta, core and art style to IAP features, but we can compare up to four games and, most importantly, our own prototypes. 

Update Impacts – Analyze the update impact of a specific feature in your backlog

There is a constant thought going on in every POs mind “will implementing this feature help our KPIs?.”

Using Update Impacts, you can research what kind of results, for example, all your competitors got from implementing exactly the same feature after softlaunch. You will learn which feature goes in tandem with other features, but you’ll see at what point in their life cycle other games added the feature to the game. 

 Hit or miss – Will my new feature make the difference?

Implementation Examples – Building an archive of best implementation examples for my team

One of the most excruciating parts of any features development is the research of existing games and getting the screenshots of their version of the specific feature. Using Implementation Examples and Collections, you can quickly create a folder per feature for designers to see and most importantly UI artists. Cutting the research time from hours, even days, to mere minutes!

Sharing is caring! – How to share GameRefinery research with your team

Game Analyzer – How to create a milestone

 Now that you’ve done the research of potential features using market explorer, compare games & update impacts, it’s time to see how your game would look like if all the features in your new backlog would be added into the game. Using Game Analyzer, you can easily create a milestone for your game and add those backlog features to reflect the game’s future iteration and, most importantly, market potential! 

Tips & Tricks: Roadmap games with Game Analyzer

Last words

As you can see, there are endless data points in GameRefinery for production folks to see feature level requirements for their game to succeed and to validate the value of existing backlog!

Of course, every project is unique with its characteristics and development phases, depending on whether it is in production or liveops. That’s why you can always send us an email, or chat with us, and we can have our own tailored production module session with the team to meet your current requirements and objectives!

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