September 2019 Product Update

As we approach the end of summer here in Europe we have added a few improvements to the service with added functionality, new visualizations, and features.

Feature Changes Now In Update Preview

Feature changes are now viewable in the update preview in Update History and Game Update Impacts.

Features’ Demographic Appeal In Market Explorer

The Features Data tab in Market Explorer now includes the Demographic appeal for individual features. Alongside this added functionality it is now possible to view and compare the Impact and Popularity of features for several segments simultaneously.

Revamped Competitors Tab In Games Overview

The Competitors tab in Games Overview pages now provides additional information for competing games. In addition to Grossing Rank and Powerscore the competitors tab now includes information on Download Rank, Skill vs. Thinking affinity, and Demographic Appeal for age and gender.

New Demographics visualization for games in Market Explorer

Demographics values have new visualizations for games and subgenres.

New Features Added To Feature Model

The GameRefinery feature model has been updated with new features for decorative items covering: Skins, Accessories, Buildings, and Other items. These three new features will replace the now legacy feature Decorative Items with the goal of providing added granularity.

NOTE: Decorative items cover only items that are for “bragging” purposes and have no (or VERY limited) effect on the actual gameplay.

Number of different decoratives – Skins

This feature covers the number of different decorative skin items in the game. Decorative skin items usually change the entire appearance of a character, building or an item (e.g. weapons in certain shooter games) as opposed to decorative accessories that alter only a specific portion of the object; e.g. the head of a character.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has lots of cosmetic skin items that alter the entire appearance of characters.

Number of different decoratives – Accessories

This feature covers the number of different decorative accessories in the game. Decorative accessories include purely decorative equipment items and items that change the appearance of a specific part; e.g. head or chest of a character as opposed to decorative skins that change the entire appearance of a character.

Decorative equipment items/clothing in PUBG MOBILE are counted as decorative accessories.  

Number of different decoratives – Buildings

This feature covers the number of different decorative buildings in the game. Decorative buildings include buildings, constructions, and furniture that are purely decorative and meant for “bragging” purposes only and have no (or VERY limited) effect on the actual gameplay.

There are decorative buildings/furniture you can construct in Lily’s Garden, which have no real effect on players’ success in the game.

Number of different decoratives – Other

This feature covers the number of decorative items that are not skins, accessories or decorative buildings. These items are often minor collectible items. These include:

  • avatar icons & frames
  • player titles
  • collectible emotes, dances, voice lines, posters, etc.
  • other minor collectible decorative items/effects

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes has avatars and titles to be collected.

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