RPG Genre Snapshot Report: June 2021

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RPGs are a staple of gaming stemming from the very first text-based adventures. On mobile, they remain one of the largest genres with around 14% market share (US iOS).

Hits like Raid: Shadow Legends, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, and Marvel Strike Force continue to top the charts. But compared to our previous RPG snapshot in Q1 2020, we’re starting to see a shift in the types of new RPGs that are dominating the charts.

Whereas before the titles that caught our attention were almost without exception Turn-based RPGs, the past year has been characterized by action RPGs. We’re, of course, talking about the jaw-dropping performance of Genshin Impact that on its own accounts for 10% of the RPG market share and, more recently, the success of MHA: The Strongest Hero.

Both games are characterized by their strong focus on narrative and story elements, open-world elements along with their high production values, particularly in the case of Genshin Impact that brought PC/console-level production rarely seen on mobile. However, they also have some differences. Genshin Impact is excelling in providing a single-player role-playing experience with a vast world to explore, while MHA also has competitive elements as a key part of the experience.

In this report, we’ll take a closer look at what the RPG genre currently looks like in the US.

RPG mobile games market situation June 2021

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