Publisher Market Share 2018 Infographic

We recently took a look at mobile game market share, and now as 2018 comes to a close it’s a good time to take a look at how the mobile gaming industry has developed over the past year and shifted publisher market share in the US. The publisher landscape looks much like it did a year ago, but several publishers rose to make a distinct impression.

Who made a splash and who couldn’t quite maintain last year’s momentum? Check it out in the infographic below:

How has mobile game publisher market share developed over 2018? The Top 10 publishers have 42.9% market share in Late Q4 2018. This is slightly up from 42.1% in Q4 of the past year, with mostly steady performance at the top. Some of the biggest names in mobile gaming have, however, clearly lost share compared to the previous year. In 2018 several publishers clearly stood out taking their slice of the mobile gaming pie: Foremost, Epic Games with Fortnite. Chinese publishers Tencent and Lilith Games both gained a stronger foothold in the US market. FoxNext Games had a strong start with their first game Marvel Strike Force. Several publishers e.g. Small Giant Games more than tripled their market share. 2018 wasn't roses for everyone in the industry. Several of the biggest names in mobile gaming, weren't quite where they were a year ago. It'll be interesting to see how the industry develops over 2019, and who will make a comeback.

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