New Features & July Weight Update

We’ve rolled our monthly update for POWERSCORE® calculations to adjust them to match the current market situation. Moreover, we added two new game features to the service and updated two old ones:


Defining Mechanic – 1 on 1 Brawler

Means games where player controls an on-screen character and engages in real time one-on-one close combat with an opponent controlled by AI or another player. The fights typically take place in a closed “arena” and sometimes have several rounds to determine the winner.

Marvel Contest of Champions is a prime example of 1 on 1 Brawler game

Defining Mechanic – MMORPG

Means so-called massive multiplayer online RPG games i.e. RPG games which are capable of supporting large numbers of players, typically from hundreds to thousands, simultaneously in the same huge open world.

Order & Chaos 2 is a typical example of a MMO: hundreds of players are playing simultaneously in the same huge open world. They can cooperate, compete and interact with each other in real time.


Number of different characters & Number of different characters to purchase

We gave these features more depth by increasing the number of choices they have. As a result, you’re able to differentiate games that have 51 – 200, 200 – 500, 500 – 1000 or 1000+ different characters to collect and purchase!

This change is especially useful when comparing data of U.S. and Japan markets, as the most successful Japanese games tend to have a lot more characters than their U.S. counterparts.

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