Analyst Bulletin: Mobile Game Market Review September 2023

Forget gotta catch ’em all; these days, it’s gotta hunt ’em all. September marked the launch of Niantic’s latest AR location-based title, Monster Hunter Now, which looks set to be a worthy successor to Pokémon GO. The action-focused title, based on Capcom’s massive RPG franchise, has been a breakout success in Japan while also climbing the ranks in the West. 

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Elsewhere in the charts, Diablo Immortal continued its experiments with hybridization by launching Alley of Blood, an all-new permanent MOBA side mode, following on August’s battle royale update. Speaking of which, State of Survival launched its own take on the genre called Survival Royale, which was a rare inclusion for a 4X strategy title. We also can’t forget Royal Match, which traded words for mystical elixirs in its Wordle-inspired Magic Cauldron event. 

Last month also marked the launch of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, a mobile-focused alternative remake of Square Enix’s enigmatic PS1 JRPG, which has been performing exceptionally well globally, especially in Japan. We also got another remake of sorts in High Energy Heroes, a clone of the now-shutdown Apex Legends Mobile from Tencent, which was the most downloaded mobile game when it launched exclusively in China.

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