How Feature Level Demographic Insights Help MAG Engage Their Audience

MAG Interactive is known for its creative casual games that keep players wanting to come back for more. With over 250 million downloads across ten games, the team at MAG has built an award-winning portfolio of titles that continuously hit top-grossing charts around the world. We sat down with MAG Interactive’s CMO Patric Blixt and Growth Lead Isak Ström to discuss a little about how combining GameRefinery’s feature insights and demographics helps them deliver engaging experiences to their players.

Could you tell us about your experience working with GameRefinery’s combination of feature demographics and feature data?

Feature demographics is a brilliant new tool from GameRefinery. With data available for any mobile game, there are strong synergies when combined with GameRefinery’s subgenres and feature data. The best part is that by using them together, we can break down the market and see which games appeal to which demographics. This way, we can look for features that attract specific demographics and deconstruct a game’s demographic on a feature level.

One of the key use-cases this provides us is that we can use these demographic insights to match games and concepts with our current audience to find marketing and cross-promotion synergies. And we’ll be able to take demographic appeal into account when making new games and see if they slot into our existing user base, or if they appeal to a new audience where we could expand.

What do you think are the key benefits of feature-based Demographics?

Feature-based demographics opens many doors in game development, game research, competitive research, UA, and even M&A – because now we’ll be able to look at both economic and demographic factors to see if a game fits our portfolio.

What is particularly useful is that this type of data makes it easier to communicate with game teams when working with player personas. Because we have data that says that this type of feature and this type of style is more appealing to this demographic, so that’s where our developers can use GameRefinery as a guide for what they should be doing.

GameRefinery’s feature demographics can, therefore, help guide the feature development of games in our portfolio by helping us find features that are attractive to our core target groups.

How have you benefited from GameRefinery in MAG’s feature development and prototyping?

GameRefinery has made our prototyping more accurate, and it’s sped up the process. We create prototype games in the Game Analyzer tool, and our development teams add live games into the analyzer to play around with how different features would impact the game’s potential market performance. Feature demographics make this even more powerful because we can see how adding certain features would impact the core audience of the game in terms of demographic appeal. 

What we really like about Game Analyzer is that it’s like opening a box of legos – you get a sense of all the pieces you have to play with, without having to start from scratch every time you start a new project.

Demographics is a component of the GameRefinery service. Would you like to learn more and see it in action? Book a demo here

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