February 2020 Product Update: Collections added to Implementation Examples

We’ve added Collections albums to Implementation Examples. You can now collect, manage and share all the implementation examples in GameRefinery.

With Collections:

  • You can create your own collections for specific implementations in mind. Interesting monetization designs and features as a cool example!
  • You can create a collection folder when pinning a screenshot.
  • Collections can be set personal or shared with the whole team!

There are two ways to add screenshots to a collection:

  • From game overviews
  • From searches made within Implementation Examples.

How to create your first collection

Who is Collections for

Collections is designed with designers, production, and artists in mind to cut time in doing research and sharing insights.

  • Designers can pin interesting feature design choices they would like to use as an interesting reference point for current projects or prototypes.
  • Users working on production can share interesting design or theme choices for UX artists and feature flows to designers.
  • Artists can create specific collection folders for themes and UI designs.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of potential use-cases, depending on the stage of your project.

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