Episode 51: How to Navigate the Evolving Landscape of Advertising and Revenue

Join us as we explore the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in mobile game design, advertising, and revenue generation. In this episode, we thoroughly examine the mobile gaming landscape, focusing on the constantly evolving dynamics of advertising and revenue with industry experts Kenneth Wong, Senior Director of Ads Revenue at Scopely, and Yimin Gu, Director of Performance Marketing at Scopely.

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We’ll discuss the constantly evolving dynamics of advertising and revenue, as well as the transformative impact of AI and user acquisition strategies.

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Topics we will cover in this episode:

  1. Introduction
  2. Challenges of user acquisition
  3. Challenges in user acquisition strategies
  4. Complexity of game-specific UA strategies
  5. AI in creative production processes
  6. Importance of brand enforcement
  7. Influencer marketing trends
  8. Transition and challenges in ad revenue
  9. Shifts in game development trends
  10. Addressing privacy concerns and user education
  11. The future of ads, privacy, and mobile UA

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