Unlocking the Future of Cross-Platform Live Event Insights

Today marks a significant milestone as we go beyond mobile insights for the first time as we embrace PC and console platforms in our Live Events Tracker. This moment is not just about broadening our service range; it symbolizes the dawn of a new era and the increasing importance of cross-platform intelligence for game development and marketing.

For the first time, developers and marketers have access to a tool that bridges the gap between mobile, PC, and console analytics. Our updated Live Events Tracker offers an in-depth look at the impact of live events across popular games on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Now with Live Events intelligence across platforms, you can build a detailed perspective of what fuels player engagement, delve into event narratives, the integration and monetization of intellectual properties (IPs), detailed monetization mechanics like Battle Passes and limited-time shops, and gameplay mechanics.

The Live Events Tracker includes a detailed analysis of the following: 

  • Event overview and a breakdown of any narrative, story, and scenario elements 
  • How IP is being integrated and monetized in live events 
  • Monetization mechanics such as battle passes, subscription plans, limited-time shops and currency, ad implementation, and in-app purchases (IAPs)
  • Gameplay mechanics such as new game modes, implementation, and how they’re accessed 

Behind this innovation is our dedicated team of in-house analysts, who monitor the latest events and provide detailed, daily updates on all aspects of live events, supported with screenshots and event descriptions. This enables video game companies to understand what resonates with players – critical for developers who may not have experience on all current platforms.

“With user acquisition costs soaring, live events are the key to building a loyal player base and maximizing revenue,” comments Brendan Fraher, General Manager at GameRefinery, a Liftoff Company. “However, the lack of reliable, cross-platform data has made it incredibly difficult for studios to understand what truly drives event success. It’s like navigating without a map – lots of effort with uncertain results. 

“GameRefinery empowers developers to make informed, data-driven decisions. Our Live Events Tracker reveals not only which mechanics resonate but also how they perform differently across all platforms. With this knowledge, studios can tailor events for maximum impact, transforming live ops into a powerful growth engine.”

Contact our sales team about how your GameRefinery package can be upgraded to include access to all our live event data!

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