New casino game features added to the model!

We’ve upgraded our model with four new casino game features, as well as rolled out a weight update for the POWERSCORE® calculations. Here’s what’s changed:


1. Progressive jackpot

Indicates that there’s a special universal “jackpot reward” that increases each time any player plays a specific slot machine, but doesn’t win the jackpot.

Havana Cubana slot has a progressive jackpot, where the total jackpot prize increases as players play the machine – until someone reaps the rewards.

2. Real-life prizes

A feature in casino games, indicating it’s possible to earn prizes in real life (e.g. discount coupons for real Las Vegas hotels and casinos).

In my KONAMI Slots player can earn loyalty tickets, which can be used to purchase various things in real casinos.

3. High Roller/VIP Rooms

Means that the casino game has a “High-roller” or “VIP” section of special slot machines with higher than normal bets & payouts available in the game. Accessing these special slot machines usually requires either higher player level, higher amount of in-game currency or activated VIP-status.

In Big Fish Casino, there’s a special “room” for VIP slots that only players with a minimum VIP-tier of 4 can access.

4. Quick tournaments

Indicates that there are so-called quick slots-tournaments, where players compete in a specific slot machine to find out, who’s able to win the most money within a short time period (usually around 5-15min). After the time runs out, players win in-game currency and/or other rewards based on their ranking.

In Quick Hit Slots, there are 15 min tournaments where the players with highest earnings win prizes.

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