March 2020 Product Update: Genre Essentials

There’s no stopping the updates! Our latest addition is Genre Essentials, which pools all the latest data from our core tools.

What we want to offer with Genre Essentials is an instant snapshot of the latest updates, content, and data points our service collects throughout the game industry and market. Where before you had to go through each feature one-by-one, you can now find everything on one page!

The feature is especially helpful for people working in production, design, and management with a quick way to see the latest changes and trends on the market. Consider it daily insights on steroids 😉

Here’s a quick introduction video to Genre essentials 👇 👨‍🏫

Genre-essentials pools data from the following features:

  • Implementation Examples – A massive archive of feature screenshots across hundreds of games
  • FTUE-Videos – Video recordings & chapter breakdowns of first time user onboarding flows
  • Update Impacts – All the latest patches/updates developers add to their existing games
  • Market Share – Find and see the latest market size, trends, and core competitors
  • Market Explorer Features data-tab – See feature level breakdowns of the market to understand trends

Want to get started with Genre Essentials? Schedule a demo!

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