How GameRefinery helps FoxNext Games plan their LiveOps roadmap

FoxNext Games is known for their brilliant take on turn-based RPGs and interactive stories with Marvel Strike Force and Storyscape. And I’m sure we’re all looking forward to what else they have in store coming from the worlds of Avatar and Aliens.

A part of making any mobile game a lasting success is to understand how to use LiveOps to nurture your game. We sat down with Corey Klein, Studio Strategy Manager at FoxNext, to discuss a little about how GameRefinery’s Update Impacts helps him track what the competition is doing and plan how their roadmap can deliver the most impact.

Corey Klein, Studio Strategy Manager at FoxNext

The Benefits of GameRefinery’s Update Impacts

One of the challenges of analyzing games as a service is that you’re tracking games over time. Where I see the value in GameRefinery’s Update Impacts is that with GameRefinery, we can quickly isolate when different features are updated over time, the implementations of the feature changes, the calendar date when they were updated, and the normalized days since the game’s release.

Update Impacts even takes this a step further. You can quickly see what impact an update had to help you pinpoint and prioritize which features to add and when. This gives you the tools to map a development timeline and business model for when you can expect to add these features to your product. Using the included tags, you can also do the same to support planning the frequency of events and content updates for your LiveOps.

For example, let’s say you’re considering planning on implementing a Guild Wars feature in your game. With Update Impacts, you can quickly see how many days post-release each of your competitors added the feature. Then if you believe that Guild Wars, or another feature, is critical for your service plans, you can see: What is a competitive timeline for its implementation, how many games had it at launch, how many games added it post-launch, which games saw the greatest lift in their Powerscore and RPI’s upon adding the feature, and how the implementations by more successful games compare to the implementations by less successful games.

The Result

Although the information on version updates and even descriptions is readily available elsewhere, they don’t directly identify and isolate the different feature changes. And it’s not always apparent from an update description whether a feature has changed, or even if several features have changed. This creates a lot of manual follow up work. With Update Impacts, not only does this feature save me a lot of time but I can be confident that we have a comprehensive understanding of each game’s roadmap in the market.

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