How GameRefinery Helped Genesis Backed Holy Water Develop a Metagame to Grow Their Audience

Genesis Holy Water customer case

Here at Holy Water, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a leading Tech company focusing on creating innovative products. Founded in 2020 within Genesis, we are proud to have launched more than ten products, which regularly appear in the App Store’s top charts.

Our game My Fantasy: Choose Your Story, has been the 2nd most downloaded interactive story game in the US and Australia since November 2021. With over 2 million users to date, My Fantasy allows users to explore and fulfil their fantasies through interactive storytelling.

Thanks to GameRefinery, we have significantly reduced the time to create GDDs and ensured our game would appeal as much to new players as it does to our established player base.

Identifying our main competitors and player archetypes

We began by looking at My Fantasy competitors on GameRefinery and selecting games such as Tabou Stories, Lovelink and Covet Fashion with similar game mechanics. We looked into the competitions’ player archetypes and found that one of the most significant archetypes was ‘thrill seeker’.

With this information, we looked at our player base and noticed how our own ‘thrill seeker’ audience share was far behind. We found this surprising as My Fantasy has some of the same game mechanics that our competitors do.

My Fantasy mobile game player archetypes top three segments

Through GameRefinery data, we were also able to identify one of the primary motivations of our users is expression through customisation and decoration.

My Fantasy: Choose Your Story mobile game motivational drivers

Developing new game mechanics and meta-game for our players

Thanks to the information we gathered through GameRefinery, we found valid references and implementation examples of different game mechanics in key competitors’ games. 

Armed with these valuable insights, we decided to develop new interactive stories to make sure we satisfied the expressionists’ needs. So now, after each level,  players can customise characters and spaces with new clothes, makeup and room decoration. And for our thrill-seekers, we went ahead and developed a whole new meta.

Not only did we improve our game with the insights we gathered from player archetype analysis, but we also created a theme across all of our creative material and ads that integrated our players’ motivations.

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