Hands-on with Genshin Impact – GameRefinery’s New Video Series

In GameRefinery’s Hands-on video series, our game analysts deconstruct interesting and trending mobile games. In the first episode, GameRefinery’s Chief Game Analyst (US), Erno Kiiski, and Chief Game Analyst (China), Kalle Heikkinen, will go through the key elements of Genshin Impact’s mobile game version.

Genshin Impact is yet another example that blurs the line between “HD” gaming and mobile – it looks amazing, tells a compelling story, and, most importantly, dares to cast core gameplay into a central role. Many have compared GI to Nintendo’s Zelda series, especially its latest mainline title: Breath of the Wild. The games certainly share common elements in the art style and open-world mechanics, but there are differences.

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Contents of this video:
00:00 – Intro
04:15 – Core Gameplay
11:57 – Character Development and Progression
25:17 – Game Modes and Endgame
33:50 – Monetization
45:01 – What Do We Expect to See Next?
49:15 – Conclusion

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