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GameRefinery online platform helps you to have the most successful feature set to maximize your revenue

Daily Data

Our daily data overview will give you an overall view of the gaming market in one glance. The feed is customizable to your specific needs, and you'll also get email notifications on every event you choose to subscribe to.

Daily Insights

Keeps you automatically updated with feature level insights on a daily basis.

Follow the most important feature level trends and events in the market

Keep up to date with the latest feature changes of Top games on a daily basis

Followed Games

Access feature level analysis and get daily updates for the games you want to follow closely

Detailed feature level breakdowns of followed games

Automatic notifications on game updates and new features

Automatic feature ideas for followed games


Game Explorer

Conduct feature level market research in our game database

Search hundreds of games with feature-related search terms

Access an extensive game database for different genres

Conduct niche market analysis and find blue oceans

Game Comparison

See how your features stack up against competitors to optimize them

Compare games with each other and see feature level breakdowns

Find strengths and possible development areas

Make sure you build a solid and competitive feature set before you launch

Top 200

Access feature level analysis of the best performing games on the market

Top Grossing 200 games’ feature level analysis are constantly kept updated in our system

Spot under- and over-performing games based on their features, top grossing performance and revenue potential

Soft Launch

Early Access to your competitors' feature set

Access feature level analysis of games in Soft Launch from top publishers and see how they develop before they hit the global markets

Know how your competitors benchmark against the market trends before they launch globally


Feature Explorer

The most comprehensive database of game features

Focus on the features your game needs to edge out competition

Understand how feature popularity and importance differs from genre to genre

Trending Features

Stay on top of the trends and make sure your game has a competitive feature set

Understand which features are trending either up or down

See the differences in trending features in top grossing 100 vs. outside top 100 games

Access historical trend data of features

Game Analyzer

Game Analyzer

Analyze your games feature set to find out the revenue potential

Discover and optimize your game’s feature and revenue potential already during concept phase

Add your game portfolio to see your overall competitiveness

Stay automatically updated on new competitors and features around your own games

Feature Ideas

Data-driven feature suggestions to back up your decision making

Get data-driven feature ideas for your game based on market data

Back feature update-related decisions with objective data

Discover new ways to improve your revenue potential from new feature areas

Start crafting better games today.