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Can I purchase an individual seat?

Yes you can. We offer individual seats in our Entry Plan. For Premium plans we are happy to chat/mail/call to discuss a bespoke plan.

Do you offer monthly subscription plans?

The Entry Plan is available as a monthly subscription. Premium plans are usually billed annually. We are happy to chat/mail/call to discuss subscription options further.

How many games can I access?

Feature level deconstructions are available for 2000+ leading mobile games. The number you can access on monthly basis will depend on your plan. We are happy to chat/mail/call to discuss unlocking games for your package.

What is the price of a Premium plan?

Premium packages are priced individually. To receive a quote you can request one through this link or log in to the service and request a proposal through any of the locked tools. We are happy to chat/mail/call to discuss a premium package that would fit your team’s needs.

Do you offer Trials?

Meet us at events to gain access to our limited trials. Organization-wide premium trials are provided on a case by case basis. We are happy to chat/mail/call to discuss trial possibilities for your organization.