Analyze exclusive feature level teardowns to understand your competitions' foundation
Follow games from across genres and markets to see detailed feature level teardowns and receive daily updates on new updates and features.
Identify your strengths and weaknesses by understanding how your game compares to the competition
Compare games on a feature level and understand your strengths and development areas to make sure your feature foundation is solid before launch.
Prepare by accessing your competitors’ feature-sets early
Know how your competition performs before their global launch with data on up-and-coming titles during their soft launch.
Uncover best-in-class implementations for your features
Identify the best ways to implement your features and UI by understanding market trends and analyzing the competition.

Product managers

Find best-in-class feature solutions and build your development roadmap. Know how your game's feature-set is performing relative to the current market through each iteration.


Identify the current and up-and-coming competition to your game to help plan your marketing activities.


Benchmark your concepts and find ways to improve. GameRefinery provides you with the data you need to support your vision and decisions.


Improve sourcing efficiency with data to support your decicions by knowing a game's potential already at the concept phase.


Identify market and genre trends with feature level analytics that dig deeper than any other service on the market.

Case Study – Futureplay Games

“Combining a traditional design approach to feature prioritisation with GameRefinery’s analytical approach saves us time in expediting the elimination of low priority features and the prioritisation of effective ones. Further, we can be more efficient with finding relevant feature implementations that aren’t within our design / product teams’ repertoire. This enables us to be faster at releasing better games and updates.”

– Camilo Fitzgerald, Analyst
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