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Staying on top of the mobile gaming market is a crucial part of success in today's competitive environment. By researching detailed performance data on 40 game genres, know how genres are trending over time to see what's hot and what's not. Analyze which genres will bring you the highest ROI.

Analyze game genres

Study top grossing games and genres to find the best opportunities

Make the right decisions

Choose genres that have a market gap and high ROI

Build the right game for the right market and audience

Understand trends across markets and demographics

  • Use 40 subgenres and over 200 features to slice and dice Eastern and Western markets.
  • Find performance differences between how games and genres perform in different markets and demographics
  • Understand the demographic appeal of any game or feature with dynamic feature based demographics

Plan your game features

Increase the performance of your games

  • Access detailed KPIs on feature impact and popularity
  • Compare over 200+ features to know which matter for your audience and game type
  • Prioritize your development roadmap with actionable insights

  • "Although the information on version updates and even descriptions is readily available elsewhere, they don’t isolate different feature changes. This creates a lot of manual follow up work. With Update Impacts, not only does this feature save me a lot of time but I can be confident that we have a comprehensive understanding of each game’s roadmap in the market."

    Corey Klein
    Studio Strategy Manager at FoxNext
  • "When we have opinions and ideas about something, it’s good to back those up with data. Especially when we have a couple of ideas coming from everyone, it’s essential to know what other games are doing to see if we’re on the right path. GameRefinery supports our decision-making process because we can use all of these things we can’t find on other platforms to drive our decisions."

    Bugrahan Göker
    Product Manager at Rovio
  • “GameRefinery has made our prototyping more accurate and sped up the process. We can create prototypes and analyze live games to play around with how different features would affect the game's potential market performance and demographic appeal.”

    Isak Ström
    Growth Lead at MAG Interactive
  • "GameRefinery helps us allocate resources properly and prioritize. This helps us avoid putting effort into things that won’t bring value to our players. So we can build the best experience for our players both in War Robots and new products."

    Fedor Belyh
    Head of Analytics at Pixonic
  • “Combining a traditional design approach to feature prioritisation with GameRefinery’s analytical approach saves us time in expediting the elimination of low priority features and the prioritisation of effective ones. Further, we can be more efficient with finding relevant feature implementations that aren’t within our design / product teams’ repertoire. This enables us to be faster at releasing better games and updates.”

    Camilo Fitzgerald
    Analyst at Futureplay
Latest article – 07.04.2020

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