Data Enrichment

Supercharge your existing data

Harness our unique mobile game metadata and genre tagging for your research, ad targeting and more

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Automated Genre Tagging

Differentiate games in a meaningful way

Tag games in your database with genres automatically to enhance your market research capabilities and more

Accurate segmentation with a 3 level Category -> Genre -> Subgenre hierarchy built together with industry experts

A taxonomy that evolves in tandem with the market to always reflect the current mobile games environment

Metadata Library

Hundreds of thousands of mobile games and millions of data points

Enrich your datasets with 700+ data points per game to get unique insights

  • Insights on genres, features, demographics, player motivations, visuals, colors and more
  • Scalable for different type of contextual data needs
  • Automated data collection, analysis and delivery
"With GameRefinery's data we have found more quality games than what we could find by ourselves or working directly with an ad network. We’ve been able to more than triple our UA spend on our selected ad network."
Camilo Fitzgerald, Analyst at Futureplay

Ad Targeting

Take the guesswork out of campaign targeting

Use contextual targeting to find high-affinity games that are an optimal fit for your campaign

  • Create a relevant pool of audiences with no manual guesswork 
  • Improve IPM and ROAS 
  • Acquire quality users faster to increase retention and LTV

About our data

5 years and over 10 000+ manual analyses helped us to build a unique and proprietary training data set for our patented AI machine learning models to analyze 700+ data points from any game – automatically.

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