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Our data analysis process begins with our analysts who track 200+ features for every game we add into our database. They map everything ranging from the game’s re-engagement mechanics to monetization and the amount of content, building our database of 2 000+ games and 10 000+ analyses.

Grossing Probability
With over 10 million data points, our data is unique in evaluating how features drive market performance. Based on our data, features alone account for over 50% of grossing potential, making them the key component in the success of any mobile game.

Our unique data delves into the very building blocks of mobile games

Service Comparison
Service Comparison
Subgenre Categorization
Game Feature Sets
Feature Popularity
Feature Implementations
Feature & Update Impacts
FTUE Videos
Game Icon Analysis
Dynamic Feature Based Demographics
Static Panel Based Demographics

So that you can focus on the key features driving success

With hundreds of features to choose from, finding the right ones with the best ROI can be challenging. That’s where GameRefinery’s data comes in so that you can focus on the key features that will drive success, and avoid low impact features. We’ll help you optimize for different markets and find the best solutions for your games’ genre(s).


Features grouped based on popularity in top 100 performing games vs. the rest

Demographics data

Alongside feature data, we offer comprehensive and dynamic demographic data. This differs from other demographics data on the market in key ways. Most demographic data is collected through user panels and based on what games those users play. Our demographics data, however, is modeled based on a games feature-set. This makes the data dynamic where we can model the demographic appeal of any game and even the importance of specific features for distinct demographics.

Compared to user panel based demographics identified preferences are within the margin of error, making it equally reliable. Furthermore, the data is free from any limitations as to its use that may be the case in user based data due to privacy concerns.

Service Comparison
Service Comparison
Available for any game
Feature-set based
User behavior based