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GameRefinery is a Finnish mobile game analytics company founded early 2014 by seasoned professionals from the mobile games industry and data science. Finland was an excellent place to start the business as many of the leading gaming companies and professionals are located there. It also served as a great test bed for our service and helped us to develop a product that is able to satisfy the needs for even the most demanding clients.

We started the company because there was a clear need in the mobile game industry to be able to analyze games and their revenue potential already in the early concept phase. Based on our study, there are more than 50.000 games in the Appstore that have good revenue potential, but also have fatal weaknesses in their feature set and that’s why they fail to meet the expectations.

It is our mission to assist mobile game developers and publishers to improve their revenues by optimizing games features. After conducting more than 7000 mobile game analyses we discovered that the features are responsible of 40-60% of the sustainable revenues. This is a significant amount and it forms the foundation for any game. Without a balanced feature set, developers cannot succeed in today’s highly competitive market.

Our online service (SaaS) is based on our patented technology which shows the missing link between games features and its revenue potential. We back up the online service by also offering dedicated analytical services for our clients. With this combination we are able to serve companies of all sizes and various needs, ranging from the biggest game companies in the world to smaller start-up teams. We have a global client base and operate in all regions.

Our goal is to be the world’s leading company in offering feature level data of the Mobile Games market to optimize your revenues.

Start crafting better games today.