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Access feature-level information of hundreds of games and see their strengths and weaknesses.


Analyze your own games to benchmark their features and potential in the market - already in the concept phase.


Compare your game's feature-set against other games in the market to find differentiation possibilities


Find feature-level data for hundreds of games

  • Performance

    Spot under- and overperformers in the market, e.g. games that have reached high rankings due to a high user acquisition budget - not competitive or unique feature set.

  • Anomalies

    Get feature-set related facts on why certain games are so successful in the top grossing lists - and why some others are not.

  • Strengths and Weaknesses

    See the fact-based strengths and weaknesses of hundreds of games- and learn from them.

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Understand feature-related trends in the market

  • Top Features

    See top features that are directly linked to the success in the genres you are most interested in.

  • Popular Features

    See the most popular features in the genres you are interested in, and find out, how the popularity has developed over time.

  • Trends

    Learn, which features are growing in importance and which are losing ground in current markets.

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Game Analysis

Analyze and optimize your own games and game concepts

  • Benchmark Potential

    Benchmark your game's commercial potential before soft launch - already in the concept phase.

  • Game Comparison

    Compare and benchmark your game and its feature-set against other games in the top grossing chart and pinpoint differentiation possibilities.

  • Test Ideas and Concepts

    Test different concept ideas and compare their potential - ultimately making more fact-based and better-informed game design decisions.

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Ted Newell

Director of Partnerships

“GameRefinery enables us to better understand the market landscape - identifying and tracking winning features and reducing trial and error. With GameRefinery, we are better equipped to achieve our goals and stay one step ahead of the market. ”

Jesse Divnich

VP of Product and Marketing

“GameRefinery’s analytics helps us to make informed decisions when developing new titles and allows us to provide our producers and designers with feature level suggestions on how they can optimize our games. In business development, we do not greenlight a title without a GameRefinery report.”

Petri Järvilehto


“I can recommend the approach for any developer who wants to make more fact-based game design decisions.”

Simon Dremel

Product Lead

“GameRefinery enables us to evaluate new products and analyze competitor's feature sets to stay ahead of the game.”

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